Sekino's Fractal Art Gallery 3D

The gallery comprises images given by a variety of techniques based on advanced ideas in college mathematics. The images are classified into three groups:

§ 1. Fractal Mountains and Forests

Fractal Mountains

The mountains appear realistic as its height function is nowhere differentiable and the terrain shows a typical fractal structure.

Smooth Mountains

The mountains are smooth as the height function is everywhere differentiable. Since every small neighborhood of a point on the surface resembles the tangent plane at the point, the smooth mountains are not a fractal. This is the only non-fractal shown in this section.

Cartoonish Mountains

This image technically lies somewhere between the preceding two examples as the height function is mostly smooth but still has infinitely many sharp points. Stories About Fractal Plotting shows how to plot this type of fractals.

Dino Mountains

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Mountain Road

Mountain Trail

Mountain Trail

Birdless Island

Only a computer can show a realistic island without birds.

Twin Camel Rocks

Yes, only a computer can build perfectly symmetric rocks.

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Japanese Ink Drawing

No, a computer cannot create a flock of geese like mountains.

Pencil Drawing

Winter Mountains

Spring Mountains

Wisteria Forest

Tamarack Forest

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