Gallery 3D

New for 2022:

"Crooked Mandelbrot Mesa"

"Fractal Teepees"

All three images shown above are generated by the same 2D image, Crooked Mandelbrot Set. The last two images are the same except that they are viewed from different positions.

Fractal Mountains and Forests:

Fractal Mountains

The mountains appear realistic as its height function is nowhere differentiable and the terrain shows a typical fractal structure.

Smooth Mountains

The mountains are smooth as the height function is everywhere differentiable. Since every small neighborhood of a point on the surface resembles the tangent plane at the point, the smooth mountains are not a fractal. This is the only non-fractal shown in this section.

"Dino Mountains"

"Mountain Road"

"Mountain Trail"

"Birdless Island"

Only a computer can show a realistic island without birds.

"Twin Camel Rocks"

Yes, only a computer can build perfectly symmetric rocks.

"Antique Ink Drawing"

"Pencil Drawing"

"Winter Mountains"

"Spring Mountains"

"Wisteria Forest"

"Tamarack Forest"

Fantasy Landscapes:

"Fern Prairie"

"Fern Mountains"

"Devil's Mountain"

Stare the mountain and you'll see a devil's face. Stare and you'll see · · ·.
The mountain is symmetric about the center vertical line, although it may not look that way because of the light coming from the right.

"Crater Lakes"

The last two images are generated by the same 2D fractal, which appears as the night sky of the first.

"Mandelbrot Moon"

"Mandelbrot Volcano"

"Mandelbrot Island"

"Koch Island"

The two islands shown above have perimeters of infinite length.

"Butterfly Mesa"

"Crab Mesa"

"Crab Mesa"

"Seahorse Mesa"

"Spider-Nest Mountains"


Fractals on Various Surfaces:

Mapping a Planar Fractal on Various Surfaces

We can map a fractal image from the plane to various surfaces such as a sphere and a cone. The next three images are based on the same Mandelbrot set on a plane.

"Mandelbrot Moon"
"Antique Vase"

"Broken Hazelnut"
"Broken Taiko Drum"

"Julia Apples"