Sekino's Fractal Art Gallery 3D

The gallery comprises images given by a variety of techniques based on advanced ideas in college mathematics. The images are classified into three groups:

§ 2. Fantasy Landscapes

Fern Prairie

Fern Mountains

Devil's Mountain

Stare the mountain and you'll see a devil's face. Stare and you'll see · · ·.
The mountain is symmetric about the center vertical line, although it may not look that way because of the light coming from the right.

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Mandelbrot Craters

Stories About Fractal Plotting shows how to plot this type of fractals. Note that the same M set appears in the sky and on the ground.

Mandelbrot Moon

Mandelbrot Volcano

Mandelbrot Islands

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Koch Island

The island's perimeter is Koch's snowflake and has infinite length.


Spider Mountains

Spiral Pass

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Crooked Mandelbrot Rocks

The preceding and remaining images in this section are from the "Desert Rock Series," which can be plotted by the method shown in Stories About Fractal Plotting.

Butterfly Rocks

Crab Rocks

Crab Rocks

Seahorse Rocks

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