Brief Biographical Data of Jun-ichiro Sekino (1914-1988)

The following are excerpts from the book, "Jun-ichiro Sekino's Print Exhibition," published by the Mainichi Newspapers Co. in 1989, a year after his death:
1940  The 15th Exhibition by the National Painters' Society (Kokugakai-Ten, or Koku-Ten, for short), Japan;
1958  Rockefeller Foundation Grant to tour the U.S. for nearly a year and introduce "Japanese Woodblock Printmaking";
1960  The 31st Northwest International Print Exhibition, Seattle;
1960  Asia-Africa International Exhibition, Cairo;
1961  The 4th International Print Exhibition, Ljubliana, Yugoslavia;
1963  Ford Foundation Grant to tour the U.S. and teach the Japanese art medium at Oregon State University, University of Washington, and Penn State University;
1975  Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts (Geijutsusensh˘), the Agency for Cultural Affairs and the Ministry of Education, Japan;
1981  Medal of Honor (Shijuhosho), the Imperial Household Agency, Japan;
1987  Medal of Honor (Kyokujitsu Shojusho), the Imperial Household Agency, Japan.

Museum Collections
Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the British Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Cincinnati Art Museum, Cleveland Museum of Art, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, the Portland Art Museum, and Royal Ontario Museum, among others. Source: Google.

At least ten books on Sekino and his prints were published in Tokyo including:
1978  Highways of Japan (Nippon no Kaido) published by the Mainichi Newspapers Co.
1981  Chiseling Portraits (Ningen o Horu) authored by Sekino and published by Bunka Shuppankyoku
1983  The Joy of Woodblock Printmaking (Mokuhanga no Tanoshimi) authored by Sekino and published by Heibonsha
1989  Jun-ichiro Sekino's Print Exhibition published by the Mainichi Newspapers Co.

Note:  Highways of Japan published in 1978 is a specially bound limited edition book and is currently on display at the Portland Art Museum as part of the exhibit, Craftsmanship and Wit, Nov 4, 2017 - Jun 17, 2018.

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