Woodblock Prints by Yousaku Sekino
© 2018 Junpei Sekino

Honor: HIM Empress Michiko purchased the large woodblock print with gold leaf for the Imperial Palace in 2015 when she attended the opening reception of the 60th CWAJ Print Show held at the Tokyo American Club. The show was an annual fundraising event for the College Women's Association of Japan.

Why the site is in English: Yousaku's brother, Junpei Sekino, has lived in Oregon for fifty years and constructed the website using the English HTML coding in April of 2018. He is the writer and webmaster for the site and plans to upload more artwork in the near future with the help of Yousaku's daughter, Junko, who lives in Tokyo.

Night View of Tokyo

The Portland Art Museum owns the woodblock print in its permanent collection.
Forest Cat

Brief Biography of Yousaku Sekino: He was born as Jun-ichiro and Katsuko Sekino's second son in 1944 and graduated from Chuo University's School of Science and Technology in 1968. He worked as a chemist at SMC Corporation but later made a career switch by opening his own printmaking workshop. As the owner-technician of the workshop equipped with all the necessary machinery, he assisted various artists to produce their lithographs, etchings, engravings, drypoints and woodblock prints. Cartoonist Suiho Tagawa had a lasting interest in etching and visited the workshop regularly.

Yousaku initially learned all of the printmaking techniques from his father, Jun-ichiro, and then polished them by experimenting with almost every aspect of the printmaking like a typical chemist. In the 1980s, he decided to become an artist himself specialized in the uniquely Japanese medium of color woodblock printmaking and joined Shun'yo-Kai as a member. Since 2007, Nihonbashi Takashimaya's Art Gallery has shown his woodblock prints every year by opening his one-man show or a show by a small group of artists comprising him and his peers.

He passed "Koki" in 2014 to become one of the "rare survivors" of age seventy but is still active in producing new art pieces, planning/opening his shows and publicly demonstrating his techniques of woodblock printmaking in various cities of Japan.

Fuji Dawn
Tomorrow Will Come

Uniqueness of Yousaku Sekino's Art: When art lovers visit a print show, they usually can classify the displayed pieces into woodblock prints and lithographs, etc., according to the printmaking mediums. Yousaku's art appears unlike any of them, however, and people generally fail to pinpoint what medium he uses right away. They might correctly say he uses woodblock printmaking but it is more or less from guessing or eliminating other methods as possibilities.

As he was a chemist in his early career, Yousaku has a tendency to relentlessly experiment to find new ways and forms. He also made special effort to develop his own style that is different from his father's so as to avoid being stereotyped as a second-generation artist. His artwork displayed in this website clearly shows he has fulfilled the goal. Enjoy Yousaku Sekino's unique and amazingly labor-intensive woodblock prints.

Daffodils and Pansies


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Jun-ichiro Sekino's Woodblock Prints shows woodblock prints by Yousaku's father, teacher, and mentor, Jun-ichiro Sekino.
Atelier Sekino (Facebook Page) shows art events scheduled at Atelier Sekino located at the Sekino residence in Chofu-shi, Tokyo. For example, the spring exhibit by the two generations of printmakers, Jun-ichiro and Yousaku, will open soon. Yousaku's daughter, Junko, is in charge of the Facebook page and the event catalogs.
Sekino's Fractal Gallery shows fractal art by Yousaku's elder brother, Junpei, who is a mathematician/computer programmer. Fractal plotting has been his big hobby since the 1980s.